Thursday, December 16, 2010

My way of a Chirstmas Card

So every year Bri asks if I am going to do a Christmas card and I tell him that if he wants to do a Christmas card then he could feel free. It is kind of a hard thing for me because I get them in the mail and I love them, but mostly I just want an updated picture and what is going on in their lives. I also figure that now that there is blogs and facebook it is so much easier to do it this way so this is my most beautiful family and this is what all of us are up too:

Brian- He is still working at Sports and Family Chiropractic with 2 other doctors and he is loving it. He is staying very busy and we are so grateful. I like living in a smaller town because when I sign for my credit card people will ask me if I am the wife of Dr. Vranes and how lucky I am to be married to a Chiropractor. I always agree with them of course. It has wonderful advantages. He is still doing ART and he has amazing results with helping people. I have so many people tell me that if it wasn't for him they wouldn't be able to feel their arm, play sports, or live without pain. He always wanted to help people and he is doing a great job. He still works at Stevens Henegar as the young good looking professor. He has a great time teaching. He is still the always fun, entertaining man that I married 7 years ago. So grateful for the amazing dad and husband that he is.

Molly- I just get to stay at home and be entertained by my 3 little rugrats. They keep me on my toes always and I think that I have finally got the 3 kids thing down. I guess it only took me 2 years. This is the first year that I have had to be up early each morning to get Lexie off to school and so I like the consistant daily activities. I had surgery for an ectopic pregnancy in June and it took a couple of months to recover and then I have been back to normal and feeling so much better. That would have been my 4th baby due in January. I guess we will have to try for next January. (Just Kidding). I can't believe that 7 years has passed since I have married Brian and all the wonderful things that have happened since then. Life is good.

Lexie-6, She is in Kindergarten and she loves her teacher and the boys love to chase her. She always tells me about all the boys that want to marry her. I really dread 10 years from now! She is doing good with her reading, but she hates having to read everynight. That is how I was as a kid so she is giving me a taste of what I did to my mom. She is such a happy kid and helps me out so much. She gets excited to do her chores and can't wait until she gets to clean bathrooms (yeah, crazy but I can't wait to deligate). She donated her hair to locks of love this year and plans to grow it out again.

Jocelyn - 4, we often say that raising Jocelyn is like having 3 kids, but she is actually starting to get a little easier. She is loving preschool and nursery and she could color for probably 2 hours straight and be so happy. She always reminds me that she is a good girl now and so she won't go back to being hard. I love her zeal for life and she says the funniest things to me everyday. She is going to be the kid in school that you can't help but love because she is so funny.

Jantzen - 2, He is such a little boy through and through. He is a lefty and he has an awesome throw with a baseball and a great follow threw with his basketball. I do hope that he wants to do it in the future because I love watching it. He got glasses in October because he goes cross-eyed when he tries to focus on something. He is the cutest thing in the world with his glasses though. We get a lot of attention in public because of his cuteness. He can be fiesty sometimes, but his smile would melt anyones heart.

We hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We are so grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ and the sacrifices that he has made for us. We are happy to celebrate his birth and this time and are grateful for all the blessings that come from him.


Francis Family said...

Molly, your family looks great! And your little boy looks so sweet in his little glasses :) P.S. I miss FG8!! I definitely need it back.

DeAndra said...

We miss you guys!

Tiffany said...

I was trying to find a way to email you but this is going to be a super random comment and I don't know if you'll check up on it. I found your blog just looking up my husbands last name. His last name is Vranes too and you guys showed up. My husband thought he knew every Vranes in the Utah area but he doesn't know yours! Anyways, totally random I know! He has lots of family up in Utah. I'd love to get in touch and see if there is any relation. On the Vranes side, genealogy wise, they are stuck only a couple generations back. You can email me at tiffvranes(at)yahoo(dot)com. Also, our blog (so you don't think I''m this weird stalker) is