Thursday, December 16, 2010

My way of a Chirstmas Card

So every year Bri asks if I am going to do a Christmas card and I tell him that if he wants to do a Christmas card then he could feel free. It is kind of a hard thing for me because I get them in the mail and I love them, but mostly I just want an updated picture and what is going on in their lives. I also figure that now that there is blogs and facebook it is so much easier to do it this way so this is my most beautiful family and this is what all of us are up too:

Brian- He is still working at Sports and Family Chiropractic with 2 other doctors and he is loving it. He is staying very busy and we are so grateful. I like living in a smaller town because when I sign for my credit card people will ask me if I am the wife of Dr. Vranes and how lucky I am to be married to a Chiropractor. I always agree with them of course. It has wonderful advantages. He is still doing ART and he has amazing results with helping people. I have so many people tell me that if it wasn't for him they wouldn't be able to feel their arm, play sports, or live without pain. He always wanted to help people and he is doing a great job. He still works at Stevens Henegar as the young good looking professor. He has a great time teaching. He is still the always fun, entertaining man that I married 7 years ago. So grateful for the amazing dad and husband that he is.

Molly- I just get to stay at home and be entertained by my 3 little rugrats. They keep me on my toes always and I think that I have finally got the 3 kids thing down. I guess it only took me 2 years. This is the first year that I have had to be up early each morning to get Lexie off to school and so I like the consistant daily activities. I had surgery for an ectopic pregnancy in June and it took a couple of months to recover and then I have been back to normal and feeling so much better. That would have been my 4th baby due in January. I guess we will have to try for next January. (Just Kidding). I can't believe that 7 years has passed since I have married Brian and all the wonderful things that have happened since then. Life is good.

Lexie-6, She is in Kindergarten and she loves her teacher and the boys love to chase her. She always tells me about all the boys that want to marry her. I really dread 10 years from now! She is doing good with her reading, but she hates having to read everynight. That is how I was as a kid so she is giving me a taste of what I did to my mom. She is such a happy kid and helps me out so much. She gets excited to do her chores and can't wait until she gets to clean bathrooms (yeah, crazy but I can't wait to deligate). She donated her hair to locks of love this year and plans to grow it out again.

Jocelyn - 4, we often say that raising Jocelyn is like having 3 kids, but she is actually starting to get a little easier. She is loving preschool and nursery and she could color for probably 2 hours straight and be so happy. She always reminds me that she is a good girl now and so she won't go back to being hard. I love her zeal for life and she says the funniest things to me everyday. She is going to be the kid in school that you can't help but love because she is so funny.

Jantzen - 2, He is such a little boy through and through. He is a lefty and he has an awesome throw with a baseball and a great follow threw with his basketball. I do hope that he wants to do it in the future because I love watching it. He got glasses in October because he goes cross-eyed when he tries to focus on something. He is the cutest thing in the world with his glasses though. We get a lot of attention in public because of his cuteness. He can be fiesty sometimes, but his smile would melt anyones heart.

We hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We are so grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ and the sacrifices that he has made for us. We are happy to celebrate his birth and this time and are grateful for all the blessings that come from him.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Feel Great in 8

So I did this program called "Feel Great in 8" this past February and March and I was wanting to do another round of it because it was a fun and motivating program to lose weight. I have had lots of people ask me what I did to lose my baby weight and I can say that doing this was the best thing for me because I held on to my Jantzen baby weight a little to long. It is just the total basics..... Eat right, exercise, do good deeds, stay spiritually uplifted. I have to admit that I am a VERY competitive person so the program has you put $10.00 in to do it and the winner gets a reward in the end. I won last time I did it! It started off that I was so motivated by the money that I could win but then I was driven by getting on the scale each week seeing what I had accomplished. I also felt so much better in the everyday tasks that I did. I finally fit back into all my regular pants and that made me WAY happy. I want to do another round because I had lots of people say they would love to do something to motivate them and I still would like to get rid of a few extra and be back to pre-pre-pre pregnancy weight. (those were the good old days) I want to start on Monday, September 13th so if anyone is interested please email me at I will email you a good food/bad food list, what you do to earn points, and daily tasks when it gets closer to time and you can decide if you want to do it for sure or not. I isn't super easy. I just learned to cook better because I made everything with wheat, like pasta and stuff, and I cut my portions back tons because I thought about it more. To earn points one thing you have to do is drink 64 oz a water a day and by doing that I wasn't as hungry. You will also have to come up with an addiction that you will lose points if you do it during that time. Examples would be drinking soda pop, maybe wasting to much time on computer, watching t.v. ect. (my big weakness is ice cream!) I would love to have a big group do it so we can have a big pot of money so please let me know soon. Everybody can invite their friends to do it also. Fun times are ahead!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Unexpected turns in our Lives

My last couple of week have been very long and frustrating. First off I usually get baby hungry pretty quick after having my babies. This is the first time that I have felt content and that I wanted to wait until Jantzen was at least three. Well back in April I missed my period and so I knew that if I was pregnant I was due the beginning of January. All my babies have been due in January. It has always been a joke that I just get pregnant in April if I am not nursing. I took 4 tests that said negative and then finally 2 said positive. About 2 weeks ago I was in so much pain that I felt like I was in labor. I talked to a couple of friends who have miscarried and so I figured that is what was happening. I went to the doctor had a ultrasound and went and did blood work. There was no baby in my uterus but the blood work said that I was pregnant. I continued to have so much pain but nobody had any answers for me. I had to go in and do blood work for a week and each time my numbers would go up and down and they were over 600 when they should have been below 10. Last weekend my pain was gone and I thought everything was fine. I did more blood work and so the doctor made me do another ultrasound and a scope. They found that I had a tubal pregnancy and I had over 200cc's of blood that had dripped down into my abdomen. The doctor doesn't know how I was even getting around without being in pain. I had surgery on Wednesday and they had to make three incisions in my stomach and now I am just recovering. My mom and dad have my kids up in Soda and I am getting bored being home alone, but I know I just need to recover. I have been really good emotionally throughout all of it because I feel blessed to have the three beautiful children that I do, but when I see on facebook or blogs that people are expecting babies around Christmas or something it makes me sad. I am just grateful that they caught it when they did because if it would have burst things would have been worse. They had to remove part of my tube, but I can still have babies in the future so that is a comfort. I am so grateful for my wonderful family and friends that have helped me through all of this. One thing that both the doctor and the lab workers asked me is if I was on the HCG diet and how harmful that could be for my body. So I guess this is a warning for anyone who consideres doing that diet that it could really mess things up and make things difficult for future pregnancies. I didnt' do this diet but I know many people that think it is great because you loose weight fast but it is dangerous. Well I usually don't type so much on her but this is just an update on what is going on with me right now.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


For Easter we had both my family and Brian's family up to listen to conference and celebrate Easter. It was really fun. Us girls went and watched "The Last Song" on Saturday night while the guys watched basketball and took care of the kids. The movie was great and the book was really good.

Jocelyn drank the vinegar water as soon as I set it in front of her. She just thought it looked like kool-aid. Poor kid she cried for awhile.

Jocelyn was to scared to stand in front of the bunny. She took off running.

Visit with Kimballs and Macks

Everytime we go down for something in the Salt Lake area Lexie always asks if we are going to see her "best friends" We love going to see the Kimballs and Macks. I feel bad because I didn't get any pictures after Dallin and Kenna got there. I love all the good memories in Iowa and the ones we will always continue to make with these cute kiddos.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Random Catch-ups

Tanner's last picture with all the grandkids before he left for the MTC. Disney on Ice.

My girls were so happy and it was so fun taking them. They are such cute little princesses.

Jocelyn always falls alseep in random places. We always wear her right out.

Out of all my kids my cute little boy got the curls! He loves saying "cheese" for the camera.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Holidays

So one thing that I am really bad at is Christmas cards. I love getting cards and seeing what is going on in family and friends lives, but I never get around to doing my own. So this is just going to update everyone on what is going on with our family right now.

Jantzen- (1) He just turned one on December 15th. We love our little buddy so much. He is sooo busy right now. One of his favorite things to do is unfold my nicely folded laundry and take all the clothes out of the girls drawers and his own. He has the cutest smile while he is doing it though. He is just starting to like food, but we have to be careful because he has been having bad reactions to anything involving dairy. He is such a joy in our life and he is an extreme momma's boy. At home he wants to be held at all times and at church he wants down so he can explore. He keeps us very busy at all times, and he is so much fun.

Jocelyn- ( 3) She is our little spit-fire. If she doesn't want talked to our looked at she will let you know. When she does something wrong and I tell her that she wasn't suppose too, she always replies, "I didn't know." or "I didn't mean too." She is to funny to be mad at for to long. Her very favorite thing in to world is Dora the Explorer, and she says she is probably getting swiper for Christmas. She is my little cuddle bug and is always found in our bed each morning to cuddle for awhile. She misses Lexie a lot when she goes to school and dance and so she always tells me that one day she will get to do fun things. She is very into shoes and she usually puts a pair on right before bed so they can sleep with her. She loves "playing ball" and I can see her being a lot like I was. She is such a funny kid and makes us laugh all the time.

Alexis- (5) She is our true sweetheart. She is the most soft-hearted kid I know. She gets her feelings hurt even when I tell her she can't watch a movie right that moment. She is always thinking of others and is very good at sharing. She LOVES her preschool class. It is such a good school and I love seeing the smile on her face each day when she comes home to tell me what she did that day. She also takes dance and her teacher told me she really knows how to shake it. She is really into accessories and she thinks she needs a headband everyday with nail polish and she is an extreme girly girl. My dad asked her if she was going to play sports like her mom and she rolled her eyes and said, "of course not Grandpa I am going to be dancing." She loves Barbies and princesses and she is an awesome helper with Jantzen. She is very motherly and sometimes I have to remind her that I am the mom, but most the time she is great help. She always remembers to read her scriptures and say prayers. She loves going to primary and she is so good at all the songs. She is such an example to all of us.

Molly- This past year has been so great for me. We were able to get into our house last May and we are in a great neighborhood and I love our Ward. I have had my challenges that is for sure when it comes to taking all three kids to the grocery store, shopping in any form, or trying to keep my house clean, but they make it all worth it when the hug and kiss me or tell me that they love me. In the church I am a sunbeam teacher and the Young Womens sports specialist. I am so excited to start basketball with the girls this coming year. I spent so much of my summer trying to improve my yard. (that was something new for us). I am so lucky to be able to stay home with the kids each day while Brian provides for our family. We are going to celebrate our 6th anniversary this month and they have truly been the best 6 years ever.

Brian - Where do I begin with him. He is such a busy guy and he does such an amazing job with his jobs and being a wonderful husband and daddy. He is still working at Sports and Family Chiropractic in Brigham City and we are going to buy in as a partner in January. He also teaches anatomy classes at Stephens-Henegar College in Ogden. A patient came in the other day and told him that she over heard girls talking that they try to get into Dr. Vranes' classes because he is the hot professor. I told him of course he was. (I guess I will find out if he ever looks at the blog because he will ask me why I would have wrote that). He is the secretary in the Elders Quorum and enjoys chasing Jantzen around each Sunday. He has been taking his little girls out on dates and they love it. He told Lexie that she couldn't have a boyfriend until she was 30 and she just told him that she would hide him in her closet. (we worry about that girl sometimes)

Our family is doing great and we wish everyone a Merry Christmas this year. We are grateful for all the wonderful family and friends that we have in our lives. We are so grateful to be members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and for the joy and happiness it brings into our lives each and everyday. This past year has truly shown us how much we are loved and cared for. We love the gospel and all the principals. Happy Holidays Everyone.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jantzen is ONE!

We celebrated his birthday a couple days early since we had family in town so here he is opening the presents from us and Vranes's.

I realized I didn't get very good photos of what he actually got. So he got a little people airplane, and monster hooded towel and a dinosaur book from the Vranes's. We got him the book If you give a moose a muffin with the moose, a scrapbook (just what he wanted), a shirt, and a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse movie. He is to young now but I am sure he will like it in the next 6 months. My parents were not able to make it because of Tanner singing in different wards and the Community Christmas concert so he will get to open more this Saturday. (a basketball hoop and a shirt and tie).
He didn't really touch his cake at all and Nessa put his hand in the jello and he just cried.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

September Happening- yes I know it is November

We went go-cart racing and ALL the kids wanted in the stroller so we just showed them how uncomfortable it was. The girls decided Jantz could be in there alone.
9 months
Tanners mission call- Osorno, Chile

Jantz always makes this cute face.
Lexie started dance and she is such a girly girl. She would go everyday if she could.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fun with Friends

We had Macks and Kimballs over so they could see our house and for and "old times" bbq. When we started in Iowa and met each other there was three kids. Now there is nine with one on the way for my friend Mare.

My kids are monkeys and they climb up the top of the slide so I started to take a picture, but then I thought they were going to fall so I yelled for Bri to get them and he gave me crap for taking a picture.
Jantzen and Evan love hanging out together.

The cutest little princesses.

This is definately "old times." The guys at the computer and the little girls dressing Dallin up.